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Want Black Slavery Reparations? Here’s 30+ Mother Jones autobiography quotes to the contrary

  The call to pay reparations to descendants of black American slaves boils down to two basic arguments. The first is that black slaves (as well as blacks living since slavery ended) suffered so severely that their descendants deserve to get paid for it. The second is that today’s black Americans would be so much… Read more »

EMF Health Theory – The Impact of Electromagnetic Energy (including 5G UWB) on Human Health

… EMF Health Theory By K. Scott Schaeffer The following article is a combination of physics, neurology, and my personal experiences as they pertain to electromagnetic energy’s effects on the human body. I write this, because my body’s intolerance to strong electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) is severe. The levels of  EMFs that 5G Ultra Wideband impose… Read more »

A fresh take on whether Jesus is God or is subordinate to God (a verse by verse analysis)

One Sunday at Applebee’s after church in the early 2000s, several of my young adult Sunday school classmates and I found ourselves discussing Jehovah’s Witnesses, a few of whom I had worked with on my previous job.   I defended them as legitimately saved Christians, despite having theological disagreements with them. In response to my… Read more »

It’s time for The Freedom of Belief Act

  … Please support the creation and passage of “The Freedom of Belief Act,” as proposed by me, K. Scott Schaeffer, author of the book, “Ending Racism against White Americans: A Christian case for individual equality and a post-racial America.”   This law will make it illegal for corporations, governments, and schools to punish employees,… Read more »

Jesus – The Original Opponent of Israeli Nationalism

… Most religious and politically-minded Americans know that much of the Evangelical church has had unwavering support for the nation of Israel, regardless of how badly Israel behaves. And, now, the Republican Party they enthusiastically support seems willing to go so far as to instigate war against the predominantly Muslim nations surrounding Israel. When many… Read more »

Flaunting your body – how it’s harmful to others

…   Flaunting your body – how it’s harmful to others. Nothing says Christmas like America erupting over Miley Cyrus wearing a revealing outfit on the Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live. In fact, the outfit wasn’t just revealing; it was absurd. Nobody in public wears a coat with no shirt underneath. You wear a… Read more »

12 Good Things Democratic Government Has Done

… At the core of conservative political thinking, both Republican and Libertarian, is the idea that our democratically-elected government does far more harm than good. Conservatives say the government that governs least governs best. My short response to such statements is to ask, “Can you name a small government country that you think is much… Read more »