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BOOK: Where the Bible Contradicts Creationists

Where the Bible Contradicts Creationists

Where the Bible Contradicts Creationists

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Are you a Christian whom young earth creationists have accused of not believing the Word of God, because you think the universe is billions of years old? Do they go as far as to say you’re calling God a liar? Fortunately, freedom from their oppression is here!

Where the Bible Contradicts Creationists offers everything you’ll need to refute their young earth geology arguments and feel good about your faith. This book isn’t a science book. Rather, it examines every creation verse in the Bible and shows how a literal reading of each one shoots down the beliefs of young-earth creationism and better supports an old universe than it does a young one.

Unlike most creationism books, this one doesn’t make your head spin with detailed science, nor does it talk down to you with terminology that only a seminary professor would understand. This creationism book is for everybody! It’s easy to read, well-organized, and best of all, you’ll learn a lot. Even the Bible Contradicts Creationism repeatedly demonstrates how traditional creationists do not take the Bible at its word; rather, they interpret the Bible through their religious tradition. This book separates their traditions from what the Bible literally says.




BOOK: Rescuing Religion from Republican ReasonRescuing Religion_ebook updated

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It uses the Bible, history, economic data, and common sense to refute the false moralities, historical misrepresentations, and economic deceptions of the self-proclaimed Christian party – the Republicans – especially with regard to the issues of money and business. It does so by:
*Including 150 Bible passages that collectively oppose Republican ideology
*Examining the atrocities of the late 1800s and early 1900s, when Republican doctrine ruled America
*Refuting over 20 deceptive Republican economic arguments
*Revealing the other-centered nature of God’s laws
*Exposing the wealth-centered nature of Republican principles
*Shooting down the “what’s right” arguments of the Republicans, so we can focus on doing “what works” for most people, all of whom are created in God’s image.