Political Memes


I’ve been unable to work since February 2014 due a hyperactive/hypersensitive Vagus Nerve, which attacks/inflames my organs (especially my esophagus, diaphragm, kidneys, and larynx – which restricts breathing) when stimulated by the sun, fluorescent & LED lights, cold water, strong vibrations (loud sound and lawn mowers), and toxic chemicals (like weed killer, Febreeze and new car interiors). It has also caused vasovagal changes in the brain’s blood flow, leading to Irlen’s Syndrome, which causes similar reactions due to visual strain (bright lights, thick black print on white paper, striped patterns, staring at computer screens too long or at night, etc.).

I was declined for S.S. Disability in 2017 and am on pace to exhaust my IRA 10 years before I reach retirement age. So if you support my ministry (or even me as a person in a difficult situation), anything you donate will be much appreciated. Here is my Pay Pal link (If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay by credit card if you click on the link, name your amount, click again to sign up for PayPal and link your card to your new PayPal account): DONATE to K. Scott Schaeffer

Christianity - better person

If somebody has a strong view on an

Wins vs better world for all people


Social Justice...Jeremiah...God's Wrath


Evangelism Gone Stupid!



Taxes - recessions 5 years after cuts

Minimum wage - Mexico

MEXICO - Tea Party Paradise

Minimum wage - Truman 1950 UE falls

Depressions before minimum wage

Minimum Wage - 12 of 20

Facts history...reconsider poltical views

Hurt, Hate, Neglect


Election Day




Guns - 16000 murders vs dozens in terror attack

God’s political calling for Christians

Immigrants never STEAL our jobs

Muslims attacking us

Bible says so...about someone else

Blame the poor...insult God

In God’s nation of ancient Israel,

Evangelism vs judgmentalism

Emotionalism - Elitism


Mid East - Bad things will happen..our choice




Apostle Paul

Cheerful giver - cheerful taxpayer

Republican Syndrome

Vote on the issues - don't like either candidate

Democrats-Repub powerless


Chistianity in Decline

Whims of the wealthy

Democrats party of slavery

Republicans don't govern America

Brakes Bicycle

Karl Marx - Ayn Rand Atheist

Race or religion evil

Easiest Job in the world

Immigration - 100 percent anti-christian


Gay - 50 divorce rate

Guns - cars knives sole purpose

Charity - Failures of it


Deregulation - perfectly legal - short def.

Bill of Rights

Abortion 0 - Greed 100

Poverty - never just happens...men create

If 30 million jobs pay 10 an hour

Compromised biblical teachings - gay

Hateful people

Corporations Half Socialist

Bear debts - share gains

Republicans want gov't Small and Weak

Trickle-Up EconomicsMid east mistakes by presidents

Strong arm of the law

Regulations actually create jobs

poverty - call the poor GREEDY

Guns - Republicanism - keep guns

The Tyranny of Libertarianism




Child Labor History

Persecution - illegal to feed Homeless

Why doesn’t trickle-down economics work

States Rights since 1787

Christians condemn those outside the church

Ban Post Term Payoffs

Muslims - saying RADICAL ISLAM

Democracy - givt power vs corp power

Global Republican 3 points


Econ - Abolishing food stamps kills jobs

Econ - pure systems simple minded


President Spending by Term

5 Failed Republican Ecomics Predictions

Dependency - welfare not cause - depend on wealthy is cause

Taxes - why do we have them.

Trump's Bankruptcies and Taxes



Taxes are too high...compared to what


Corporations - founding fathers...too much power