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Refuting the Republican Anti-Welfare Stance

[Photo – a rendition of Reagan’s “Welfare Queen” myth] [The following article is an excerpt from my book, Rescuing Religion from Republican Reason”] Opposite Evil: Freeloading Nearly all of us have known some freeloaders. Sometimes they’re our family members. Sometimes they’re our co-workers. Sometimes they’re the employees we manage. At home, they do what they… Read more »

Sins of Speech (Bible Study) – Part 3

[To read this study in its entirety, please go to the Bible Studies page on this website and download the PDF.] Deception (Lying) Exodus 20:16, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Context: This is the ninth of the 10 Commandments. Analysis: When we bear false witness, we harm others. Whether we do… Read more »