Rebuking Huckabee’s Book: Chapter 4 – “Uniform Diversity” – An Oxymoron

This is a very hypocritical chapter in which Huckabee whines that the left calls the right names like Nazi’s or anti-abortionists or racists, but he totally ignores the right calling liberals communists and socialists, or the right comparing Obama to the Nazi’s at every turn. He even says our liberal-controlled world tells us that, “Calling a communist a communist is hate speech, but calling a conservative a Nazi is free speech.” He refuses to acknowledge that most of the people Republicans call communists and socialists are actually capitalists who believe in making merciful modifications to the system. To Huckabee, when he calls someone a name, that’s really what they are, but when liberals call someone a name, it’s a false accusation.

Early in the chapter, Huckabee calls the website, Right Wing Watch, “a hate group which exists to make sure no one utters an opinion that’s out of line with the left”. I went to that website and what I found were various articles about things Republicans, including Huckabee, actually said. All it takes to get people upset is to actually quote the extremist statements of the Republicans. I didn’t see the site as something that limits free speech. I find that Huckabee’s quote here is hypocritical, because all of Fox News would have to be a hate group, by his definition, that makes sure no one utters an opinion that is out of line with the right. When guests on O’Reilly and Hannity’s programs begin to make logical arguments to the contrary, O’Reilly and Hannity talk over them and cut them off. When Huckabee had a show on Fox, he rarely had guests on his show who disagreed with him at all. Worse yet, I have been banned from making comments on Huckabee’s Facebook page, because I’ve made too many logical points to the contrary. After I started making logical comments on his website, my computer got hacked, and my website access page and video-making software were disabled. Now, Huckabee’s site no longer allows for anyone to leave comments. That shows you how much Mike Huckabee “makes sure no one utters an opinion that’s out of line” with him!

Next, he condemns the bank SunTrust for cutting ties with the anti-gay Christians from the TV Show “Flip it Forward.” Huckabee said, “That didn’t go over well” with those who had “read the First Amendment and thought that destroying people’s livelihoods because of their religious beliefs seemed more like practices from North Korea, not North America.” Again, the First Amendment does not guarantee us any protection from corporations, and that’s normally the way the Republicans like it. I once submitted a request to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Republican Christian litigation group, when I was being discriminated against by my employer at the time for refusing to defy my Christian beliefs and lie to customers, and I received no response from them. Republicans, like ADF and Huckabee, have shown no concern for protecting us from corporations, but only now that some corporations refuse to work with those who condemn gays are Republicans starting to care about protecting people from corporations. So they only believe in protecting freedoms when it’s their own kind they’re protecting.

Huckabee then makes the false claim that Obamacare has phantom networks of providers, because there was one woman in California whose doctors were listed on the network, but were not actually a part of it. What he failed to mention is that Obamacare is not an insurance company, rather it helps people get insurance through providers like Aetna and Blue Cross. These insurers have always had network lists, but I’m sure they make errors from time to time, and Huckabee wants to turn that into a national phenomenon. But I know from having Obamacare myself, through Blue Cross, that the network lists are generally accurate. I get the feeling that, as time goes by, Republicans will convince millions of Americans that the whole in-network, out-of-network system was created by Obamacare, even though the insurance companies created it decades ago and have been using it ever since.
The only good point he makes in this chapter is that we are under constant pressure to change our politically-correct words. He uses the example of changing “alien” to “Illegal immigrant,” to “undocumented immigrant,” to “guest worker,” to “dreamer.” It is a bit annoying, but nothing that would make me sell out my biblical principles. I’m not going to dedicate my vote on Election Day to word definitions. Yet, this is one more area where Huckabee tries to distract people from the way Republicans exploit America for the sake of the corporate wealthy predators that they serve.

Next, even I was surprised when he the called Rutgers University students “little snots”, because they protested that they wanted Condoleezza Rice arrested for war crimes when she was scheduled to speak at commencement. That kind of name-calling is the purest form of judgmentalism, something the Bible opposes, but Huckabee has no trouble practicing such a sin, because he merely uses Christianity for political gain. His use of the term “little snots” shows just how angry Huckabee gets when someone opposes the slaughtering of thousand of people in the name of turning a countries oil fields over the global oil – the master of the Republican Party.

Finally, Huckabee makes some sense when he points out that democrats had taken him out of context when he said that women are incapable of “controlling their libido unless Uncle Sugar” comes forward to save them, because a reading of the entire quote shows that he attributes this thought to what the democrats supposedly think, not to himself. Sounds fair, but I wonder why Huckabee didn’t just include the whole quote in the book if his claim is that the democrats only used part of his quote. Of course, Huckabee fails to mention the time Obama said that when it came to “roads and bridges” provided by society and depended upon by businesses, that “business owners didn’t build that.” Republicans jumped all over the last words of that quote to make it look like Obama was saying that business owners didn’t build their businesses. So again, Huckabee’s complaints about the left just as easily apply to the right.