Rebuking Huckabee’s Book: Chapter 3 – The Culture of Crude

This is the chapter of the book that received the most press attention upon the book’s release. The controversy was over the fact that Huckabee criticized Beyonce’s sexually explicit lyrics, even though Huckabee played the sexually-suggestive song, Cat Scratch Fever, alongside womanizing and gun-loving Republican musician, Ted Nugent, on his TV show. Of course the real reason Huckabee behaved so hypocritically is made obvious by the following quote, “Jay-Z and Beyonce are BFFs with President Obama and the First Lady. ‘How can it be that the Obama’s let Sasha and Malia listen to that trash?'” So the reason Beyonce is evil and Ted Nugent is righteous is that Beyonce is Obama’s friend and Nugent is Huckabee’s friend. Of course, Huckabee would disagree, as he defended Nugent on the Daily Show by saying that, unlike Beyonce, “Nugent made music for adults.” Surely, if you were alive in the 70s, you remember how it was the parents and grandparents listening to Nugent, not the teenagers. As usual, Huckabee and the Republicans rely on the fact that most of the population lacks functioning long-term memories. That’s the only way they can get people to believe their revisionist history.

I distinctly remember from my heavy metal days seeing Ted Nugent on TV bragging about how he had slept with over 2000 women. He even likened bagging lots of women with bagging lots of animals when hunting. Of course, Huckabee ignores all of this and lashes out at the likes of Beyonce, who is married. The fact that she’s married makes it possible to see her sexually-suggestive lyrics as promoting sexuality within the context of marriage, not in the context of treating humans like animals the way Nugent does. Yet, Huckabee has the nerve to ask, “Where are the feminists in all of this?” “Is it okay to objectify women and use them as toys, with body parts to be played with and tossed aside?” Well, it’s certainly okay in the eyes of Ted Nugent – a man whom Huckabee upholds as a righteous hero, all because he loves guns and hates Obama.

Then Huckabee says, “When we treat others with reckless disregard for their personhood and act as if human feelings don’t exists – or don’t matter – we create an atmosphere in which it becomes much easier to damage them physically. This was one of the tragic lessons of the Holocaust.” In usual Republican fashion, he relates something “liberal” to something “Nazi.” He mentions what he perceives to be a “liberal” problem in America and immediately jumps to extreme conclusion that another holocaust is coming, without making any effort to walk us through how we’re going to get to that point. I think Huck’s quote, however, could be much more realistically applied to people who are in need of healthcare they cannot afford. They have “human feelings” and are damaged “physically” by lacking that care, but Republicans have a “reckless disregard for their personhood” because they are supposedly part of the moocher class. So perhaps it’s disdain for the poor that will lead to the next holocaust. After all, Hitler’s master race ideology was founded on the Social Darwinist belief that weaker and poorer people should suffer and die so that the human race only reproduces the supposedly more righteous wealthy and powerful people. I’ll admit that I’m going too far here. I think killing millions of poor people is unlikely, since the corporate wealthy find them to be so much more useful as impoverished employees.

Huckabee goes on to make yet another attempt to convince Christians that a holocaust is coming for them, even though the point of this chapter was supposed to be about sex in entertainment: “the same root evil that created slavery, genocide, “honor killings,” and the Holocaust is growing in our society today, with some people deemed “less” than others, whether it’s because they are unborn children, people of other ethnicities, or increasingly, people of faith.” I agree that this “root evil” may be growing. But how can Huckabee be so blind to the fact that He and his party are the ones spreading most of the fertilizer? Notice how Huckabee fails to mention how most Republicans deem racial minorities, gays, and the poor to be “less” than others. And it’s these people whom the Republicans attack, not by genocide and honor killings, but by deprivation – by creating and upholding a system that allows the wealthy to hoard resources to themselves so that most of the nation is dependent upon them for jobs and income, and then they deny those people enough jobs and income to live a dignified life, leaving them to suffer (and even die due to lack of healthcare). For the moment, I’m going to call this the “stealth holocaust,” where the masses are systematically used, oppressed, exploited, and deprived rather than killed outright. It’s a much more effective plan, because it’s harder to define and identify without acts so finite as murder, and much like the Jewish Holocaust, the fearful and the simple-minded can be brainwashed into supporting it.

What bothers me so much about Huckabee’s claim that there’s a holocaust coming for Christians who oppose sexual promiscuity and gay marriage is that so many Christians believe it. I’ve even had someone in my own church, which is normally a pretty moderate church, regurgitate Huckabee’s claims to my face. The truth is that Huckabee’s claim is out of line with our recent history. Christians used to oppose rock ‘n roll, dancing, the consumption of even a drop of alcohol, women having authority over men in the workplace, and even women wearing shorts. And yet Americans who embraced these activities and turned away from church ideals didn’t persecute the church for opposing them. And ultimately, the church learned to deal with and even embrace these societal changes. But that was before the Republican Party conquered most of the evangelical church. From now on, the church is likely grow more angry and fearful of changes to the point where I fear they will resort to violence as a solution, the very opposite of how Christians have been solving problems for the past 2000 years.