Rebuking Huckabee 12/6/14

[Every week, Fox News host and former Republican Governor Mike Huckabee invites those who have viewed his weekly program, “Huckabee,” to comment on his most recent episode on his web site. I love to oblige and give him some reading material. Since I have a blog, I figured why not share these comments with my readers. So I’ve created a category on my blog called “Rebuking Huckabee.” Since Mike Huckabee is a former pastor, many Christians see him as the truly Christian candidate and therefore embrace his politics as being one-and-the-same as Christianity. I believe that Huckabee uses his position to lead more Christians astray than anyone else in the world, and that’s why I go out of my way to refute his deceptions.]

[What I have posted below is simply my response to his show as I’ve directed toward Mike Huckabee. To get more of a background on what I am talking about, you would have to watch the show, which is fine with me, because I always support people listening to both sides of an argument. Nonetheless, the average reader should have little trouble figuring out what kind of statements I’m replying to in each point I make.]


Nonsense right from the top of the show. China being the largest economy isn’t so alarming when you consider that they have four times our population. Anyone with the most basic understanding of economics would take this into consideration. On a per capita basis, they are nowhere near as large as us.

As for you blaming debt on Obama and saying he created debt that’s nearly “double what it took the first 43 presidents to create”, the truth is the debt under him is on pace for an 83% increase over his 8 budget years compared to 102% for Bush and 189% for Reagan (the all-time high). Again, if you go by total dollars instead of percentage of increase, the most recent president will always have the highest debt numbers and spending numbers due to population, inflation, and production growth. You’re preying upon people who have absolutely no economic common sense and are leading them to erroneous conclusions.

You lied about Obama wanting to have the highest corporate tax rate. He has stated that he wants to lower it to 25%. Why doesn’t Congress call his bluff and pass it all by itself with no strings attached? Because they don’t want him to get the credit for it. By the way, the corporate tax under Eisenhower was 55%, and the economy did quite well.

The business owner on your show (William Marsh) opposing OSHA was an excellent example of someone who had no regard for his employees but only cared about his wealth. He showed no remorse for continually exposing his workers to what he called “a loud and difficult environment” of “91 decibels” (it takes a lot less than that over time to damage hearing), because his lust for money meant more to him than worker health. The money he paid for upgrades went to other companies in the economy and did not kill jobs from a macroeconomic perspective, nor did it cost his employees their jobs. But it did cost him some money, and that’s what’s inexcusable to the corporate wealthy. All he was willing to pay for were one cent ear plugs, but all of us who have worked in factories know it’s uncomfortable to have them stuck in your ear canal all day every day (plus excessive uses leads to wax impaction and infections), so we have a tendency to take them out when we can. The fact that this guy wouldn’t pay more than a cent for the sake of employee health (he said he was upset that OSHA forced him to pay for employee hearing tests on company time) shows just how greedy the corporate wealthy are and how it makes their blood boil to spend more than a cent for employee health.

The whole Jonathan Gruber situation you discussed is just a Republican set-up from a RomneyCare creator who is obviously a Republican who wants to win one for the Republicans. It’s just an attempt from the Republicans to con Americans into thinking that those who created Obamacare were out to destroy America.

As for the Little Sisters of the Poor, they are not being forced to provide contraceptive “drugs and devices” to others; they are just being forced to provide health insurance coverage that gives the option to employees who believe differently to follow those beliefs. If all of their employees are nuns who don’t use birth control, then they will not be providing birth control for anyone.