Rebuking Huckabee 12/30/14 – Special Edition: Response to Huckabee’s Fake Bible Quotes

Since Huckabee’s show this past week was an interview with millennials rather than his usual monologue, I decided to do a special post rebuking Huckabee’s post on his website blog called, “Obama’s Version of the Bible.” Apparently, Obama made a gaffe in saying, “The Good Book says don’t throw stones at glass houses,” which, of course, is not in the Bible, and it’s not the correct wording of the quote. Huckabee took advantage of this as an opportunity to make up fake Bible quotes intended to make fun of Obama, but that actually serve the purpose of leading them astray. (You can see the whole post at ). Here’s my response to the governor that I posted on his blog (Of course, a few hours after I posted it, a hacker took down my web site access page and then disabled my video software. Maybe it was a coincidence, but it seems strange that this never happened until right after I started posting weekly on Huckabee’s site, and that it was only my means of getting the message out that was attacked):

Gov. Huckabee,

That was quite a creative endeavor that you embarked on, twisting all of those Bible verses. You must have a lot of experience at that. I do, however, have a few corrections to make on some things in this post, so that hopefully you will be better informed next time you try something like this.

1) As for your quote that, “The actual saying goes like this: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Democrats never seem to get the wisdom of this advice, because they love to accuse others of doing the very things they blatantly do.”….. I love the layers of irony in your statement, since your accusation against them is true of yourself and your party. For example, Republicans such as yourself accuse the Democrats of out-of-control spending, while any examination of a year-by-year chart of total federal outlays shows that Reagan increased spending an average of 6.5% per year, Bush 41 increased it 5.5% per year, Clinton only 3.5%, Bush 43 a whopping 7.5%, and Obama less than 4% per year. Looks like you’ve got a lot of glass to clean up, Governor!

2) You stated: “Incidentally, this isn’t the first time the President has tried to use the Bible to support his political ends. But he’s always gotten it wrong. Here are some examples:”
“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God…well, just give it all to Caesar.”…. Actually, Obama doesn’t even want anyone to give half to Caesar, he just realizes that taxes must be high enough to pay the nation’s bills so we don’t reach debt doomsday, when the nation can no longer borrow money and have to hyper-inflate its currency. Since Bush and his Republican Congresses of six years increased spending at an average rate of 6.58% per year while cutting taxes (our debt grew 102% during Bush’s tenure), it’s going to take tax money to cover that, and it makes the most sense to tax the rich who needlessly receive all of those loopholes and subsidies from the Republicans that run up the debt.

3) You stated: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was mine, and the Last Word is my executive order.” Did you ever notice how recent executive orders are numbered in the 14,000s? That’s because over 14,000 of them have been issued since Lincoln. Obama is on pace to issue about 250 of them. There are 22 presidents who have issued more executive orders on a monthly basis. Perhaps you might want to educate your audience on history instead of making accusations unsupported by history.

4) You stated: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man receiveth health care coverage except by Me.”….This quote would be better attributed to the corporations. Without Obamacare, millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions have no choice but to be enslaved to corporations if they want healthcare, and the corporations can get away with giving them low pay, since they have no other choice but to accept low pay in exchange for healthcare. Obamacare care gives those people the freedom to become self-employed, work for small businesses who don’t offer healthcare, or retire early. Corporations don’t want that, because then they have to offer better pay to compete for workers.

5) You stated: “And ye shall be kept from the truth, and the ignorance will make you free.”….The throwing of stones in glass houses couldn’t apply more than it does here. For example, on your show this past week, you mentioned Warren’s frustration over the spending bill, saying she wanted to “break the banks,” but failed to educate your audience of the Republican lifting of the ban on tax payer funded bailouts for risky derivative speculation that Warren was really mad about. Keeping your audience ignorant and distracted seems to be the whole purpose of your show!

6) And finally, you stated: ““I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, sayeth Me, which is and which was, and which is to come, at least until Iran gets The Bomb.”…That one is really pretty weak, but it scares me about what will happen when if you, or any Republican, becomes president. You’re already making the case for war with Iran, a country whose only reason to hate us is that we overthrew their government, installed a puppet dictator who served our interest and oppressed his people, and then when they rebelled, we armed Saddam Hussein so his invasion of them would be successful. Now Republicans are making the case for another invasion. Three trillion dollars and 50,000 dead Americans later, Iran’s oil fields will belong to the oil companies, just as they now do in Iraq. Worse than Iran getting the bomb, however, is North Korea getting it because they are run by a crazy… wait! They already obtained nukes in 2006! And Bush did nothing to stop them, because they don’t have oil! And yet we are all still here! Is Republican Mideast policy serving God or money? I think the answer is pretty clear.