Rebuking Huckabee 12/14/14

Good morning Gov. Huckabee,

You started your show by criticizing the spending bill just passed by the house. You said Republicans were mad because it was a lot of money, but then you said the Democrats, namely Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi, were upset that the spending bill “didn’t crush the banks”. And then you said that “breaking the banks doesn’t grow the economy or create jobs.” And then, surprisingly, that’s about all you had to say on the matter.

Your response is quite a distortion of the truth as well as a massive omission of the truth. Elizabeth Warren did not say in her speech that she wanted to “crush the banks”; she said she felt that Dodd-Frank fell short, because it should have broken the banks into pieces. She then made a reference to Teddy Roosevelt, the famous trust-buster. She wanted to break the big banks up like the government broke up AT&T in the 1980s, not destroy them. In other words, she doesn’t want the banks to be so large that we have no choice but to bail them out to save the economy as a result of them controlling so much of the economy and the government that we have no choice. Citigroup writing this part of this legislation is proof of how much power the banks have over our government.

And that brings us to an even more important point, which is how you completely failed to tell your audience that Citigroup used the Republican Party to include a last minute repeal of the part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law that made it illegal for big banks to receive tax payer funded bailouts if they use their depositors’ money to speculate in risky derivatives investments that make their owners rich in the short-term, but are bound to go bust eventually, causing them to lose their depositors’ money and threaten to destroy the economy as their banks career toward collapse. In other words, the Republicans just moved to set our economy on course for another bailout of the banks and possible economic collapse. This is further proof (as if I needed any more proof) that the Republicans don’t GOVERN America; they EXPLOIT America for the sake of the corporate predators they serve. You omitted this, and I’ve noticed that other Fox News programs have done the same. This really shows how UNFAIR and UNBALANCED you and your network are and how you serve money rather than God. (Jesus made it clear you cannot serve both).

As for your complaint that the Democrat-led CIA torture investigation cost tens of millions of dollars and was politically motivated, well…now you know how Democrats felt about Benghazi. The difference between the two is that the CIA investigation yielded hundreds of startling revelations while the Benghazi witch hunt yielded absolutely nothing.

Having one of the culprits, retired CIA man Gary Bernstein, on your show didn’t help. His demeanor was very intense and aggressive, like someone who would use brutal force on other humans without flinching. He was also quite defensive and agitated, like he was under the heat lamp himself. He couldn’t have conducted himself in more of a guilty manner. You would think a CIA guy would be better at pulling something like that off. Yes, he was disappointed that investigators didn’t interview those in the CIA who were guilty of torture. So it was like a trial when the accused takes the 5th. But it’s not like those being interviewed were going to tell the truth about their own evil deeds, anyway. It’s not like the CIA has ever been known for its honesty or accuracy (Iraq WMD’s ring a bell?)

Also, you made the excuse in favor of torture that our being scared after 9/11/2001 justified it. I disagree. There’s a reason Jesus told us to turn the other cheek, and I think that reason is that non-aggressive behavior shows the world who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy. When we use the excuse that our enemies attacked us on a single day to torture and abuse them for months on end, we prove ourselves to be as bad as our enemies. Yes, maybe their tactics differ from ours, both qualify as vengeful brutality, not as self- defense. And it’s that kind of vengeance that Jesus prohibited for us Christians.